Somewhat related to Meta/FB is this nice blog post on The five Levels of Hype.

Provided that you didn’t have any moral qualms about FB/Meta (heavy use of imagination required), would you still see it as a worthwhile investment opportunity? I mean the strategy looks 100% doomed, no? Or is it thinking it won’t matter because old business are going to keep them afloat for them to see this through?

Weird how only way I can find this Facebook Meta Horizons (or whatever) trailer video is in this tweet that makes fun of it:

Anyone know where to find just the video, so I could test it with Gen Z kids and see their reaction?

Didn’t realize Expanse season was only six episodes and I am baffled how the story (as seen in books) just ends 66% through without explanations and everyone seems to be very happy about it John Travolta in Pulp Fiction looking around for something.gif

I really enjoyed the latest episode of Twenty Thousand Hertz Sul Sul about Sims and its sounds

This is the story of Simlish: How it was created, why it works so well, and why artists ranging from The Black Eyed Peas to The Flaming Lips have re-recorded their songs in this gibberish language.

Spotify is rickrolling me…

iphone screen with Spotify showing Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up as last played

Book that I am reading (Nature of Code) has a sentence ’cuddly, squishy creature (à la Nokia Friends)’. I have no recollection of ’Nokia friends’ and Google fails me here. What on Earth is a Nokia Friend?

Currently reading: Toki Pona by Sonja Lang 📚

Toki Pona

I’ve been looking to tackle a new language for some time. I narrowed down the options to Estonian (mostly because it feels dumb not to know a language that would be so easy for a Finn to learn) and French. While I am still on the fence about which one to choose, I encountered a diversion: [Toki Pona](,simplicity%20and%20ease%20of%20acquisition.).

While I am not a fan of artificial languages, the pitch line “small vocabulary, simplicity and ease of acquisition” and it being a “philosophical artistic constructed language” appeals to me (also: just 123 words to learn). Risks are small, and perhaps there is something to be carried over to learning actual languages. Ever since I picked up linguistics at the university I’ve been fascinated by pidgin and creole languages. I am very, very fascinated how people solve problems and initiate communication in contexts without a common language and how it turns into a tool people share.

Reading about the ”Old New Year” and I am impressed by Ukrainian commitment to eating pork on Malanka - Wikipedia.

I think we need to introduce “good web cam day” and “bad web cam day” to common usage. Some mornings I look like a tired middle-aged man and then on some mornings much, much better

I got my fourth Covid vaccination today (apparently my medication actively eats away the protective power of the jabs 😬). Silently wishing everyone on the planet had the opportunity to get at least the first two (and those that did used it)

I Don't Know my Ancestors and They Never Met me

Today I thought about how many generations back I need to go before I meet a first person in my family tree that:

  • Didn’t have a job (in the modern sense, i.e. living off the land or hunting/fishing)?
  • Didn’t know how to read or never read a book or a magazine?
  • Didn’t have any kind of official/government contact in their life (a priest, a police, a taxman)
  • Didn’t have any kind of timing device? Or any any kind of complicated device/appliance?
  • Didn’t live in a house?
  • Spoke a language that wouldn’t be mutually understandable with the language I speak?

Where did all those people live? Would I recognize them as my family? Would I have something in common with them? What are the things they took granted and I wouldn’t know

Currently Reading

Currently reading: The Nature of Code: Simulating Natural Systems with Processing by Daniel Shiffman 📚. I started this book last year but stopped reading it mid-way through when I decided I need to go along and code the exercises to really get everything out of the book. Now reading chapter 1: Vectors. Building up from the basics.

My fiction book is a Finnish book “Vaeltavat pilvet” by Pertti Seppälä. It contains selected poems from the so-called recluse poets of classical China. The most famous of them is Tao Yuan Ming and his most famous work is The Peach Blossom Spring.

Read: Uncanny Magazine #44 📚

I read through the Uncanny Magazine issue #44. Stories I liked the best were The Clockwork Penguin Dreamed of Stars - Uncanny Magazine that is a short story about mechanical animal far in the future trying to fulfil its programming of teaching humans about nature.

The other one is The Haunting of Dr. Claudius Winterson by Sarah Monette (It will be available Feb 01, 2022) that is a solid, compact ghost story

Has the wordle creator ever commented the game design? It feels like a game design mistake that the same letter can appear multiple times in the target word. But I assume there is something I am missing

I may hate winter in general, but days like this 🥰

icy stream in between snow frosted treeswinter sun on a cloudless sky and snow as far as can be seensnowy forest where trees arch over a track

I hate winters...

I think I’ve cracked why I hated winter – it is not the cold, it is not even the awkward in-between seasons before and after. The reason I dislike winter is the moments I go indoors in winter clothing and it gets uncomfortable real fast. In before times, I would sit down in public transportation or be in a store for 20 minutes and be itchy and sweaty all over. Pandemic has mostly fixed this as there is far less need for commute and/or visit any kind of indoor space.

Listened to @jean in the Incomparable “The Best of the Year 2021” episode to talk about pandemic and audio books and realized: audio books are really closer to original human tradition of story telling than paper or e-ink books. It is like we went through a technology induced detour to arrive at where we started. A bit like European cities are now re-inventing walking after decades of automobiles first

Watched the movie Arrival today. Liked it but felt like the short story was more satisfying in that it didn’t have to explain everything Timo Koola · Read: Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang 📚

This is an interesting development. I hope it doesn’t mean I will have to call NYT customer service when I want to cancel 😁The New York Times Company Acquired The Athletic

Read: Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang 📚

Ended and started the year with a short story by Ted Chiang. This short story is best known for being the basis of the movie “Arrival” by Dennis Villeneuve that I am planning to watch some time soon. Story has multiple timelines weaving themselves together exactly like the first contact with aliens in the story.

I greatly enjoy the theme of first contact and learning a common language with no prior supporting information. This is exactly what I would like to do some day – I mean – learn a language with no way to cheat with some of pre-existing languages, not to facilitate a first contact 🙃. Some day I will have a patient tutor and a year to “waste” for learning a language like a child.

After that short story I opened up the issue #44 of the Uncanny Magazine.

New year started with a glorious winter walk around lake Aulanko in Hämeenlinna.

winter sun laying low over a frozen lakethe same lake seen from a hillfrozen stone tower on top of a hill

Finished Reading Rendezvous with Rama 📚

Finished reading: Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke 📚. I thought I have read this book decades ago, but ending was not what I expected and I think I have read one of the latter Rama books.

This book is a mixed bag. On the other hand, this is very much a male author book from the 70’s with all the baggage it comes. There are some cringeworthy passages here and there. In addition, the characters are completely forgettable.

On the other hand, the story is exciting like books written for boys my age in the 70’s and 80’s. I mean, it has first contact, action scenes, mysteries, and a cliffhanger ending for almost all chapters. I think it will make a very enjoyable movie, when it comes out.

Hello, @help this is the issue with Epilogue I promised a video about