3x365 Russian Words, Day 106, Close the Doors

Ok, today’s sentences have three days worth of words

“кто забыл закрыть дверцу шкафа/холодильника/дверь туалета? не забывайте ее за собой закрывать!”

“Who forgot to close the door of the cupboard/fridge/toilet? Don’t forget to close it after yourself”

“Kuka unohti sulkea kaapin/jääkaapin/vessan oven? Älä unohda sulkea sitä jälkeesi”

I feel like that I utter some variation of the first sentence every fifteen minutes 🙈 to my kids.

Words for today are:

  1. шкафа шкаф - a cupboard - kaappi

  2. холодильника - such a cool word for fridge unlike Finnish - jääkaappi (literally ice + box)

  3. туалета - toilet - WC, vessa

3x365 Russian Words, Day 105, You can have it

As part of preparing my spouse for Finnish citizenship, I’ve tried to teach her to appreciate salmiakki or salty liquorice. So far, no luck convincing her that salmiakki is great:

“ты можешь получить всё, что хочешь”

“You can have it all, if you want”

“Saat kaiken, jos haluat”


  1. можешь - (you) can - equivalent Finnish would be “voit”

  2. получить - to receive - saada

  3. всё - all - kaikki

Very busy few days. I haven’t read the m.b timeline in days, what’s new everyone?

I stumbled upon this sci-fi short story(?) on Twitter Lena @ Things Of Interest. This is the most anxiety inducing story I’ve read in a while (topic is brain image simulation)

3x365 Russian Words, Day 104, New Job

Someone in our family (not me) got excellent news today: a new job! And it is the perfect dream job!

“я нашла новую работу!”

“I found a new job!”

“Löysin uuden työpaikan!”

Words here are:

  1. нашла feminine of найти - to find - löytää

  2. новую (accusative feminine of новый ) - new - uusi

  3. работу - work, a job - työ

boy mowing the lawn, not really the dream job

There is football on my streaming device and I just love watching Kylian Mbappé play

3x365 Russian Swords, Day 103, Romantics

I was doing my best to be romantic today and suggested sentences like “you are the light of my life” but, alas, got (partly) shot down:

“романтика - это прекрасно. но где мое кольцо?”

“Romantics - that is wonderful, but where is my ring?”

“Romantiikka on ihanaa, mutta missä on mun sormukseni?”


  1. романтика - romance, romantic appeal, romanticism - romantiikka

  2. прекрасно - beautiful, nice - ihana

  3. кольцо - a ring - sormus

hand drawn heart

3x365 Russian Words, Day 102, Birds

Adding to our bird (and pronoun) collection a couple more:

“Сегодня мы видели чёрного дрозда, скворца и кого-то ещё”

“Today we saw a blackbird, a starling and others”

“Näimme tänään mustarastaan, kottaraisen ja muita”


  1. ещё - yet, more - vielä

  2. кого-то - genitive/accusative of someone, somebody - jonkun (base: joku)

  3. видели - we saw - näimme

This seagull or Чайка is just sitting on top of a pillar. Pic taken October 2019

Learning on the Job as a Team

What is the most fun bit of your current job? Mine by far is the way my current team is building up our shared knowledge pool.

In this project, we have run weekly one hour sessions to share knowledge inside the team. The topics have ranged from domain-specific issues to how to write acceptance tests with the Robot framework. As the team scrum master, I’ve mostly being MC for this session.

As a team, we have experimented with the format. The only fixed thing about the session is that it lasts 60 minutes or less. We’ve tried brainstorming/-sharing with a Miro board (worked surprisingly well), presentation format (worked ok to decent) and even mob programming using CodeCollab - An online real-time collaborative code editor and compiler for the web.. If something works, we will try it again. If it doesn’t, we’ll drop the format or at least adjust it somehow before trying it again.

While the sessions are mostly fun and demonstrably useful, the area that needs to develop is interactivity. Microsoft Teams meeting being the norm for interactions now, it is sometimes hard to get every one of us engaged in full. This is why I picked up two books by Sharon L. Bowman The Ten Minute Trainer and Training from the Back of the Room to add tools to our teams’ toolbox of learning. Let’s see how the format of the session will evolve as result.

Books: Ten minute trainer and Teaching from the Back of the Room on top of each other

3x365 Russian Words, Day 101, Small Dogs

I was made aware of this Russian poem today Ivan Krylov. Elephant and Pug. Translated by unknown author and a saying about small dogs being aggressive (and as all sayings it is really about people):

“маленькая собачка - до старости щенок”

“A small dog is a puppy until old age.”

“Pieni koira on pentu aina vain”

Words to fill our word bank are:

  1. до - here: until - asti, saakka

  2. старость - old age - vanhuus

  3. щенок - puppy - koiranpentu, pentu

I wrote Perl today for the first time in probably ten years. Not the most idiomatic nor the most beautiful Perl out there, but it got the job done 😅

3x365 Russian Words, Day 100, Are You Ok, Language Learning App?

Day 100 of 2021 already! Today’s sentence comes from Clozemaster app. This sentence certainly had “Help, I am kept as a hostage in a fortune cookie factory” vibes. While Duolingo often gives you very silly sentences, this app goes to the deep end very often (another example sentence I have encountered: “Did you really think you can kill me?” 🤷‍♂️). And still, even if not all sentences are perhaps 100% realistic, these apps still get repetitions that are hard to get even with access to a native teacher.

“После смерти нет ничего.”

“After death there is nothing” (are you ok, language learning app?)

“Kuoleman jälkeen ei ole mitään”


  1. После - after - jälkeen

  2. смерть - death - kuolema

  3. жизнь - life - elämä

“После смерти нет ничего.” in Clozemaster app&10;

Currently reading: The ten-minute trainer by Sharon L. Bowman 📚

3x365 Russian Words, Day 99, 🥶

While it was the first day this year I could spot no snow from my kitchen window the weather was awful: super windy, cold and rainy. We have had a bunch of weather words but here are some more:

“погода плохая, и я замёрз. но теперь я уже дома, и здесь тепло”

“Terrible weather, and I am freezing. But I am home now and it is warm here”

“Kauhea sää, ja minä olen jäässä. Mutta nyt olen jo kotona ja minun on lämmin”

I like how Russian can flow forward without explicit filler verbs. Very efficient 🙃


  1. плохо - bad - paha, huono, kauhea

  2. замёрз замёрзнуть - I froze - minä jäädyin

  3. тепло - heat, warmth - lämpö, lämmin

formerly snowy hill now waiting for spring get properly started. Trees, grass, rock, and a trench going up the hill

Currently reading: The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin 📚

3x365 Russian Words, Day 98, Doctor

Went to a doctor today, nothing to worry about:

“Врач сказал, что ничего серьезного. Не стоит волноваться.”

“Doctor told me it is nothing serious. No need to worry”

“Lääkäri kertoi minulle, että se ei ole vakavaa. Ei syytä huoleen”


  1. врач or доктор - a doctor - lääkäri (people will also understand “tohtori”)

  2. стоит стоить - to be worth - no direct equivalent here

  3. волноваться - to worry - huolehtia, olla huolissaan

street photo from New York City including a hospital entry

3x365 Russian Words, Day 97, Waking up too Early

Let’s not name any names, because facts of the case me look bad, but some people had their Chinese class 6am this morning and alarm went of 5.25am:

“почему ты меня разбудил так рано?”

“Why did you wake me up that early?”

“Miksi sinä herätit minut niin aikaisin?”


  1. меня - (genitive or accusative of me) - minut (Accusative case of minä)

  2. разбудил разбудить - to wake up - herättää

  3. рано - early - aikaisin

3x365 Russian Words, Day 96, Hawk!

I’ve been spotting a hawk on the sky for few days now but it has been too far away to be 100% sure what bird it is. Today, we just casually walked in the forest and happened upon its nest tree.

“мы видели сегодня в лесу гнездо ястреба”

“Today, we saw a hawk’s nest in a forest”

“Näimme tänään haukan pesän metsässä”


  1. видели (видеть) - saw (to see) - näimme (nähdä)

  2. лес - a forest - metsä

  3. ястреб - a hawk - haukka

hawk on a grainy video flying over

I think my current favourite technology is SVG, it is so quietly flexible and expressive and easy to experiment with.

Books, Books, Books 📚

This is a long-overdue “books that I’ve read recently” blog post.

Ursula K. Le Guin - The Left Hand of Darkness

I simply can’t believe this was written almost 50 years ago. Winter planet Hainish saga novel about a planet with almost perpetual winter (in foreword it is said that she among other things studied how Finns deal with cold) and where people lack external gender markers and are asexual apart from few days each month they develop either male or female characteristics for a moment and are sexually active then and only then. Loved it a lot, perhaps even more than an “average” Le Guin book even if I don’t care too much about descriptions of winter. I lived through enough of them, I don’t need to read about them. 🙃

Ursula K. Le Guin - The Word for World is Forest

Novella where the planet is a big globe of forests. Themes are more in your face this time, riffing on colonization and environmental themes. Not quite “Left Hand of Darkness” but not many books are. Loved the forest as a place for action, more books should have that.

Terry Pratchet - Equal Rites

Third book of the Discworld Series about female wizard and how you can’t really be one in the mainly male business. Lovable and more somber than earlier two books. Probably liked it more because the humour was less on the nose in this book.

Arkady Martine - Desolation Called Peace

Book from 2021, the second instalment of the Teixcalaan series is an amazing book. A perfect space opera that makes you think about identity, languages, first contacts, empires and smaller nations. Major leap up from the first book that already was a very, very good sci-fi novel.

Aristotle - Nicomachean Ethics

Not sure if I covered this already but one of the foundational studies on Ethics and virtues. Interesting while I feel like that I would need to know a whole lot more about the tradition that followed from there and also perhaps read it through one more time soon.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Black Swan

Almost through all of the “Incerto” series. I find NNT entertaining and I always change my thinking on something after reading anything by him. What I have gathered from these books is that average moments in our lives are far less important than the one’s that occur rarely but have a big impact

Next on my reading list:

  • Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin

  • The Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman

  • Training from the Back of the Room! by Sharon L. Bowman

3x365 Russian Words, Day 95, Terrible Weather

Finnish call this “takatalvi”, spring took several steps back and it was windy and it even snowed today:

“ужасная погода. ветер, снег с дождём. температура +3 градуса”

“Horrible weather: windy, snow, and rain. It is +3 degrees”

“Kauhea sää, tuulee, sataa lunta ja vettä. Vain kolme astetta lämmintä”


  1. ветер - wind - tuuli

  2. дождём дождь - rain - sade

  3. градуса градус - degree - aste

sudden snow on a street, two houses opposite side of the street

Lego movie randomly came up on TV. It has so many delightful details. My favourite is the ”worn out 80’s space explorer person” Lego. I had one like that with helmet cracked exactly the same way

Currently reading: The Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman 📚

3x365 Russian Words, Day 94, Food

Today we ate long form supper for the Easter. Today I picked up some random food words:

  1. каша - porridge - puuro

  2. суп - soup - keitto (also: “soppa”)

  3. Картофельное пюре / толчёная картошка - potato puree / mashed potatoes - perunamuusi

rice and chicken in bowls

3x365 Russian Words, Day 93 😎

Today was a nice sunny day and we wore sunglasses.

“сегодня солнечный день, и я надел солнечные очки”

“It is sunny today and I am wearing glasses”

“On aurinkoista ja minulla on aurinkolasit”

We know already сегодня and день and I think we have had some form of солнце ☀️ before:

  1. солнечный - sunny - aurinkoinen

  2. надел надеть- to wear, to put on - (minulla on is here performing the same function)

  3. солнечные очки - sun glasses - aurinkolasit

sun shining over a parking lot, some snow on the ground