Speaking of movies, I went to a movie theatre, a real one to see Dune πŸœπŸ›. Very, very good. Only thing I wish was different: Hans Zimmer is ok, but I would have preferred something more unique

Watched “Psycho” over the weekend first time in years and as a cinematic piece of art it still is perfect. Watched it with the kids and needed to discuss certain things about mental illness and its depiction and Hitchcock’s attitude towards women 😬

Every Kid Didn't Have a Microcomputer

When I was a kid “everyone” had Commodore 64. Last week I went to look for how many Commodore 64s were sold How many Commodore 64 computers were really sold? – pagetable.com and the highest number anyone can realistically estimate is 30 million units over the course of the history of the company. That is less than iPhones are sold per quarter. It is weird to think that in some sense luxury product is still way more common than the universal device of my childhood.

This short story is perfect. Japan. AI. Poetry On a Branch Floating Down the River, a Wren Is Singing - Uncanny Magazine

Return to normal advancing. Booked a movie ticket for tomorrow (to see Dune, obviously). Still picked a showing with 5 people in so far but slowly getting back to normal mindset

I think it will be Pro Max (blue, if I can get one or gold) and I might just finally get an Apple Watch for me this year

My question is: when did the 90’s start to look so old: www.youtube.com/watch ? I was there and back then it felt like “now” πŸ™ƒ

Sunrise is pretty late already at 6.46am and air is crisp, but at least the pictures you get are pretty

some autumn leaves on a bike lane, sun shining through the trees

Can’t believe I wasted my time on two(!) separate AWS related tutorials that lacked the most important bit: setting up the permissions correctly. “This is how you do x in AWS in 15 minutes” without any guidance on permissions will mean hunting for proper permissions for hours and still fear that you have exposed way too much to the internets. throwing stuff in the air in frustration.gif

Is This the End of The Covid Tunnel?

Yesterday, I was sitting in a crowded McDonald’s at a mall and realized that at least in my head this pandemic is now over. Even fortnight ago I would have stopped at the mall entrance and selected something else.

Got a discount code for a hockey game later on and thought: “yes, maybe”

Doubly vaccinated numbers closing in on the target 80% here and numbers going down and disappearing from the front pages. All this make me very hopeful that we can now turn our attention from immediate local concerns to making sure everyone on this planet gets πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ as soon as possible. And then we all turn our attention to fighting the climate crises, no?

Reading update πŸ“š

I’ve noticed that I don’t care too much about non-fiction anymore (or at least right now). Dropped the last two non-fiction πŸ“šI tried: Essentialism and The Extended Mind: The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain and problem wasn’t the books, I just couldn’t go through them. Instead I have now open Uncanny Magazine issue #42 and the Five Ways to Forgiveness by Ursula K. Le Guin (it is Four Ways to Forgiveness + one extra story)

Lately, I’ve toyed around quite a lot with SVG and Pure Data β€” Pd Community Site. I see these two meeting some time in the future for something.

Is that Autumn colours I see 😰

a maple tree with yellow and red leaves against the sun at the back

But this is the coolest thing I saw today. Black adder(?)

tiny black snake, supposedly a viper

My dad has some cool radios

two old radios on top of each other, lower one with cyrillic texts in controllers

I am participating SVG animation workshop. - cassie.codes and it is super fun. We’ve covered basics and moving on to animation this week. So far the nicest thing I’ve created is this frog. I hope to get that moving some time soon

Thumbs up for the two new ABBA songs.

One of the things I want to advance in my life is captured in spirit by this website Make Frontend Shit Again. We should have more spaces like early web, early Tumblr, Geocities and everything else silly and fun and not blue monoculture sites of doom…

As a programmer I want to automate an once-off, fifteen minute manual task in three hours In order to feel the joy of automation

There is a story about Russian hockey team from Kazan dropping cheerleaders (good) for “because they make wives jealous” (say what) out there. None of the sites are worth linking, but the story itself is easy to search engine for. There is some movement towards discontinuing cheer leaders in non-cheerleading sports here as well, but justifications are quite different

I heard someone accidentally say “suffer the internet” instead of “surf the internet” and πŸ˜…

Last sunrises of Finnish summer ’21. Up a head: autumn mornings

sun rising behind trees on top of a rocky hill

React error message “18 frames were collapsed” surely is a reference to movie Inception, no?

I used to be laptop commando that was proud to lie down in a bean bag, bent in an unholy way writing code all week long. Nowadays, I spend a day away from the big monitor and think “I can’t write this algorithm on a laptop screen”

If you are someone who roots for the team chaos, this petty transfer dispute between MontrΓ©al Canadiens and Carolina Hurricanes is the sports story of the day. It has everything from Uno Reverse card to $20 signing bonus πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ˜˜