Finns are turning into puddles after two consecutive days of +30℃(89F) or more. I love this weather. Sadly Finnish houses are built to protect us from -30℃ and possibility of +30 is mostly ignored 😰. Other than that I am happy to feel the warmth

3x365 Russian Words, Day 172, Crocs

Speaking of Crocs, we did discuss buying them yesterday:

“думаю - купить кроксы или нет? не знаю. - не хочу кроксы. настоящие кроксы слишком дорогие“

“I am thinking if I should buy crocs or not? I do not know. - I don’t want crocs. Genuine crocs are too expensive”

“Ajattelen, että ostaisinko Crocsit vai en. En tiedä mitä tehdä. - Minä en halua Crocseja, aidot Crocsit ovat liian kalliita”

Words that are new and useful:

  1. настоящий - real, genuine - aito, aidot

  2. слишком - too, too much - liian

  3. дорогой - expensive - kallis

I have a question about Crocs (the light, plastic shoes). Someone made a claim that they are coming back to fashion big time. This surely can’t be true, can it?

3x365 Russian Words, Day 170, Tropical Nights

I don’t know how many “unseasonally warm” days I have and will see in my life, but this week has been one long tropical night. Reminds me of Budapest (one of my) favourite cities couple summers back

“погода как в будапеште - тёплые летние ночи”

“The weather is like in Budapest - warm summer nights”

“Sää on kuin Budapestissa, lämpimiä kesäöitä”


  1. тёплый - warm - lämmin

  2. летние - summery - kesäinen

  3. ночи - night - yö

budapest by Danube at night

3x365 Russian Words, Day 171, Young, Younger

I shaved and definitely look younger now. My face looks younger, but not young anymore 😢

“я побрился и снова выгляжу молодым. ну, по крайней мере, моложе”

“I shave and look young again. Well at least younger”

“Ajoin partani ja näytän nuorelta taas, tai ainakin nuoremmalta”

Excellent new words here:

  1. побрился - to shave oneself (past, perfective, singular) - ajoin partani

  2. снова - again, anew - taas

  3. по крайней мере - at least - ainakin

I look *younger* but can’t escape the greys

3x365 Russian Words, Day 169, Cats

Lazy day today, eat and sleep and then a nap and late lunch. It is good to be a cat they tell me (cat lobby in our family is getting louder and louder)

”Хорошо быть котом - спать и есть”

”It is good to be a cat - sleep and eat”

”Kissana on hyvä olla - voi vain nukkua ja syödä”

We’ve seen all these words today so let’s treat it as review day:

1 Хорошо - good - hyvä

  1. быть - to be - olla

  2. спать - to sleep - nukkua

black cat on gravel

Read: Dispossessed by Ursula K. le Guin 📚

This book has been sitting on my completed pile already for a while, but I haven’t been able to come around to write about it. I have a somewhat troubled relationship with this book. I genuinely like pretty much anything le Guin ever wrote.

Worlds are such well crafted, whole. But this time, I wasn’t completely enamoured with the premise, mostly just Soviets vs the USA but set on two nearby planets. Maybe I am just old enough to remember that competition, and it feels a bit too on the nose.

Next up on my books list is “Ancillary Sword” by Ann Leckie.

3x365 Russian Words, Day 168, Bees and Wasps

Today I picked up words for several insects:

  1. пчела - a bee - mehiläinen

  2. шмель - a bumblebee - kimalainen

  3. оса - a wasp - ampiainen

  4. шершень - a hornet - herhiläinen

  5. паут - a horse fly - paarma

bumblebee in a flower

3x365 Russian Words, Day 165, Cake

My daughter made me cake over the weekend some really nice strawberry Oreo cake 🤤 with purple frosting:

“она сделала торт “фиолетовый клубничный дождь””

“She made purple strawberry rain cake”

“Hän teki purppuramansikkasadekakkua (Yay, for Finnish word formation)”


  1. фиолетовый - purple, violet - purppura, violetti

  2. клубничный - strawberry - mansikka

  3. торт - cake - kakku

purple strawberry rain cake

3x365 Russian Words, Day 165, Voting

Yesterday was a voting day in Finland

“вчера были выборы, но я проголосовал заранее”

“There was an election yesterday, but I voted in advance”

“Eilen oli vaalipäivä, mutta olin jo äänestänyt ennakkoon”


  1. выборы - election - vaalit

  2. проголосовал проголосовать - to vote - äänestää

  3. заранее - in advance - etukäteen, ennakkoon

3x365 Russian Words, Day 164, Directions

Busy weekend, no time to even read anything before 10pm Sunday 😱. Anyway, picked up following words today for cardinal directions:

  1. север - North - pohjoinen

  2. юг - South - etelä

  3. запад - West - länsi

  4. восток - East - itä

Then I stumbled on reading about Far North (Russia) and wondered what on earth makes people live that (this) North 🙃

3x365 Russian Words, Day 161, Memes part II

You might remember And how do you like this, Elon Musk?. Today, this one bumped into my timeline and it has some lovely words. Sentence is:

“меня часто спрашивают как я все успеваю”

“I am often asked how I do everything” or rather “People are always asking me how I manage everything”

“Minulta kysytään usein, miten teen kaiken”

Words here are:

  1. часто - often, frequently - often

  2. спрашивать - to ask - kysyä

  3. успевать - to have time, to manage, to find time - tehdä (you could also perhaps use “pärjätä” (to manage) or “ehdin” (to have time) here)

3x365 Russian Words, Day 160, 🦟

It is that time of the year: mosquitoes are here and eating us alive!

“тебя не съели комары на даче?”

“You were not eaten by mosquitoes at the dacha?” (I hear this is very Siberian small talk subject, works also in Northern Finland where mosquito season is beyond awful)

“Eivätkö hyttyset syöneet sinua mökillä?”


  1. тебя - genitive/accusative of you - sinua

  2. съели съесть - to eat (plural, past tense) - syödä

  3. комар - mosquito - hyttynen

3x365 Russian Words, Day 159, 7 Hares

Hill outside our window is now so green and it has attracted both hares and rabbits. Apparently there is plenty to eat and plenty of hiding places when overly enthusiastic dog walks by with its owner.

“вчера и сегодня мы видели на нашем холме по 7 зайцев”

“We saw 7 hares on a hill both today and yesterday”

“Näimme seitsemän jänistä mäen päällä sekä eilen että tänään”


  1. видели - saw - näimme (past tense plural)

  2. холме холм - hill - mäki, kukkula

  3. по - по is preposition, it means that we saw 7 hares each day - по 7 зайцев (7 сегодня и 7 вчера) - no direct Finnish equivalent here

rocks, tall grass and two hares hiding

What technologies would you choose, if you were to write software that needed to run in year 2041? Additionally, you are not guaranteed a possibility to update your software between your first release and 2041.

I still have a Facebook account but I log in so rarely that UI has changed every time I do. Only thing that doesn’t change is the dark patterns FB puts in to keep you logged in. Eww, how did it ever feel like a good idea to join that service?

3x365 Russian Words, Day 157 & 158, adjectives

Yesterday and today we went through some adjectives I’ve been missing:

  1. узкий - narrow - kapea

  2. широкий - wide - leveä

  3. низкий - low - matala

  4. высокий - high - korkea

  5. короткий - short - lyhyt

  6. длинный - long - pitkä

  7. глубокий - deep - syvä

I can’t believe these kinds of tracks are part of my daily commute (there are less photogenic legs and days for sure but that is for some other day). Just going out to work feels like a prize in itself

bike track throug a forestbike bridge over a bay, trees, sun shining

3x365 Russian Words, Day 155, Rhododendrons

There is a popular spot in Helsinki full of rhododendrons in all possible varieties (of that can handle Finnish winters) nearby and both yesterday and this morning we were biking through it. It is just about to hit bloom. It is already gorgeous and when it hits peak bloom, it will be really something to behold.

“парк с рододендронами был прекрасен, мы туда ещё вернёмся”

“Rhododendron park is wonderful, we will return”

“Alppiruusupuisto on mahtava, palaamme sinne vielä”


  1. прекрасен, прекрасный - wonderful - ihana, mahtava

  2. туда - there - siellä

  3. вернёмся вернуться - to return - palata

rhododendron bushclose up of a rhododendron flower

3x365 Russian Words, Day 154, Summer

It was so warm today I only had T-shirt, shorts and sunglasses 😎 on. I love summer

“Сегодня было так тепло, даже жарко, что я ходил в шортах и футболке и ещё в солнечных очках”

“Today was so warm, even hot; that went in shorts and t-shirt and also in sunglasses”

“Oli niin lämmintä, jopa kuumaa, että minulla oli vain shortsit ja T-paita sekä aurinkolasit”


  1. жарко - it is hot - kuumaa

  2. шортах шорты - shorts - shortsit

  3. футболке футболка - T-shirt - T-paita

Funny, that T-shirt is “footboll shirt” in Russian, I wonder if it is that in some other language 🤔

sunny field and trees, a plow on a rock

3x365 Russian Words, Day 153, More Adverbs

Today I wanted some clarity to “Сюда, куда, откуда, где” that I see often, but haven’t figured out the proper difference of them:

  1. иди сюда - come here - tule tänne

  2. куда идёшь? - where are you going to? - mihin menet?

  3. откуда идёшь? - where are you coming from? - mistä tulet?

  4. где это? - where it is - missä se on?

(there also is a отсюда meaning “from here”)

Funny, I saw ”25-29 year olds born between 1992-1996 are now eligible for vaccination” and my first thought was ”funny mistake, kids born those years are not that old” and then it hit me. Oh no

3x365 Russian Words, Day 152, Adverbs

We’ve practiced adverbs for last two days and here are some Finnish ones:

  1. tarpeeksi - enough - достаточно

  2. toistaiseksi - for now, for time being - На настоящее время, на данный момент

  3. varmasti - for sure - Конечно

These are mostly for me to be bookmarked for later reading. First, paper on Chinese hip hop that

Through our analysis of the performances and corpus of lyrics produced on the Reality TV show The Rap of China, we investigate how discrete Chinese inflections refract globally resonant hip-hop themes such as representations of masculinity and loyalty.

Full article: Rappers as Knights-Errant: Classic Allusions in the Mainstreaming of Chinese Rap

And then couple of articles on Russian hip-hop:

Make Some Noize: Rap as a Form of Political Protest in Russia – News – College of Wooster

And one more

Make Some Noize: Rap as a Form of Political Protest in Russia – News – College of Wooster

Life slowly getting to old normal. Bought a ticket to a concert! Indoors! In August to see HKO & Philip Glass: Heroes Symphony | Helsinki Festival 2021