I got two wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday and I haven’t slept this well in ages. Whatever they gave me or did to me ❤️. I hope this straight up 10 hours of sleep and then waking up with a clear mind is a permanent change

On the other news, they are going to remove my wisdom tooth on Wednesday ☹️🤕🦷

Also, my amazing girlfriend has a puppy. I am very about my life right now.

Puppy, a toy dog both sleeping on paper

Sometimes you code for months with not much to show and then you improve the efficiency of company key process 500x in the first week of your consulting gig just by showing up and knowing your shit. Ah, extremely satisfied with myself (professionally) rn.

Currently reading: Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman 📚

I liked this 📸 from Thursday that I took before the UEFA conference league match between HJK Helsinki and PAOK FC. It looks like all the colours were there

Football stadium, clouds reflecting the red of the setting sun. Bright green football pitch being sprayed with a stream of water from a jet

Finished reading: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman 📚 This is a fun, quick read that retells the stories of Nordic gods and giants like Thor and Loki. It made me think ”surely the original story was not like this” and then went and checked and it was exactly as told here. Like Greek gods these gods are horny and flawed and make excellent main characters for stories. Highly recommended

I was yesterday’s years old when I learned about A, B, and C options of grep that show lines after, before and around of the matches lines.

Another sure way of dividing people into young and old: sharing a picture of an e-scooter. Old people will come over and reveal themselves…. 😅

An NHL coach was let go for investigating his players’ phones. He asked players in 121 meeetings to hand over phones and went through the contents. I’ve seen comments ”what is the big deal?” from people I assume to be bit older. Is this a generational divide thing? I’d never ever hand over my phone to anyone for any reason. Especially to someone considered to be my boss

Spent some time today (again) airplane spotting on a hill near Helsinki airport

Alt-text for video: a four second video of a low flying Airbus jet. Several people airplane spotting near the runway on a rocky hill

I am the most well-behaving, rule-obeying middle-aged man ever to middle-age, but I can imagine doing something like this some day:

alt: video and toot of a man walking down catwalk dressed in trash bag. Security removes the man from the cat walk

Currently reading: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman 📚

Finished reading: Tehanu by Ursula K. Le Guin 📚 fourth installment of the Earthsea series. Le Guin is probably my favourite writer and I think this one is the best of the fantasy books she wrote (I’ve yet to read 5&6). Hard topic of abuse towards children and women, yet hopeful and contains a nice conclusion of the story of Tenar and Ged.

Finished reading: Your Code as a Crime Scene by Adam Tornhill 📚 I read the upcoming second edition in beta that was still missing some chapters. Fun book about how to dig up important information about code base by analyzing the revision control system logs. Very practical and a fast read. Nowadays, this is how I familiarize myself with any existing codebase. You learn a lot by finding out what are the hot spots for changes and can start planning on what parts of code need more refactoring or automated tests

I was late with tickets, so watching ⚽️ UEFA 2024 qualifying match Finland 🇫🇮 - Denmark 🇩🇰 on 📺. Too exciting

Doing the ”you’ll thank me later”-parts of parenting is a thankless job

Is there a catergory of foods that includes tortillas and pancakes? Is there a family tree of foods like there is for languages?

I was told today that Lion King is Hamlet and I no longer trust my abilities to understand and recognize stories. How would I miss something that obvious

I am going to get root canal some day soon. I realized I don’t exactly know what that means and I am sitting on a fence whether I should google it or not…

What is the name of the directory that contains the directories containing the source code of whatever you are working on (e.g. it is /home/timo/work for many of my work computers)

HJK the reigning Finnish ⚽️ champion is testing out dynamic pricing for the last three Finnish league games. Twist is that the idea is to start low (10€) and fill up the capacity in all three games. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

”Although the setting offers little practical benefit, it’s sometimes required by security auditors.”

Any fellow red-green colour blind people that could recommend me good oh my zsh/iTerm config that accounts for this particular accessibility issue? I usually end with some kind of truce with the system eventually, but I am sure there is an optimal setup out there

I’ve been lately thinking to start a recipes’ page in the style of mf’ing Website. I wonder if one could buy a database of recipes for the common (Western) dishes somewhere?