Eleventy project shared this personal/professional website by Jacob Leech — Digital Craftsman. Some day I will have something like this for myself but quite a lot to learn first 😅

Another Linkedin failure. No, I am not going to “celebrate” “work anniversary” of someone who passed away this summer 😰. Algorithmic cruelty at its worst

3x365 Russian Words, day 210, loan words

Today’s words are Russian words that have made their way into Finnish.

The first word is окно “a window” which travelled from Proto-Slavic language to Finnish as akkuna. Nowadays, the word is ikkuna but most people would also understand “akkuna” as well.

The second word is vaino which means “persecution” and it sounds like война “war” and is likely originated from the Russian word.

The final word is a slang word in Finnish mesta which simply comes from the Russian место and it means “a place”.

Speaking of 3x3. I am shocked that a big international sports organization can come up with something this deliberately designed for the modern world History of 3x3 FIBA.basketball. The Individual ranking list of players looks like a computer game leaderboard.

Someone at FIFA should be looking at 3x3 basketball and then glance at the FIFA console game and its Volta mode and go 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. The lowest of the low hanging fruits in sports business

Read short form fiction lately (send your recommendations this way) and thought it would be a good moment to support Uncanny Magazine Year 8: Fly to the Future, Space Unicorns! by Lynne M. Thomas — Kickstarter.

TV ad with a (small font) disclaimer: “filmed before COVID times” 🤔

Not that much into Olympics, but I love 3x3 basketball. My new favourite sport

3x365 Russian Words, Day 208, Everything Ready

Yesterday, it was a busy day between work and gardening. I needed to get certain things done at the garden before the rain week that starts today and I did:

“сегодня сделал(а) всё, что планировал(а). завтра вставать в 5.30 утра”

“Today did everything that I planned. I will get up tomorrow at 5.30 am”

“Tänään sain kaiken sunnittelemani valmiiksi. Huomenna herään klo 5.30”

Let’s pick up the verbs here:

  1. сделал(a) - masculine or feminine (-a) past form of сделать to make, to do - tehdä

  2. планировал - masculine or feminine (-a) past form of “to plan” - suunnitella

  3. вставать - to get up - nousta (here: herätä)

3x365 Russian Words, Day 206

Today was a long day of programming, then some gardening and at the end of the day had a beer and pizza:

“съел пиццу и выпил пива”

“I ate a pizza and drank beer” (or I had a pizza and beer)

“Söin pizzan ja join oluen”

Words (we’ve had pizza before)

  1. съел - singular past masculine of to eat - syödä, söin

  2. выпил - same but for drink (выпить) - juoda, join

  3. пива - accusative of пиво - olut

Liking my new gig with React and MobX. Something about React that really works the way my brain does. I feel superproductive dishing out UIs with it.

3x365 Russian Words, Day 202, Golden Toilets

Another from the news (Google Translate does a decent job here as well) В Москве задержали замглавы ГИБДД Ставрополья из дела о золотых унитазах :: Общество :: РБК where head of traffic police was detained for corruption (they could have caught him for bad taste 🙃). Pictures here of his mansion are really something, all gold mansion down to the toilets (don’t say it 😬).

We pick up some words from here:

  1. золотой - golden, gold - kulta, kultainen

  2. туалет - toilet - WC

  3. начальник - chief, boss - johtaja, pomo

3x365 Russian Words, Day 201, Covid

There was an interesting story by Russian investigative journalist about the Covid situation in the country. What they did was that they reverse engineered country’s QR coded system of Covid report cards and deduced that 29 million Russians have had a Covid infection so far (not 6 million of the official figures). Story is in Что скрывает QR‑код. В коронавирусном реестре Минздрава 29 млн записей — в пять раз больше официального числа заболевших в России and Google Translate does a good job translating it in English.

We can pick our daily words from the story:

  1. запись - a record, an entry - tietue

  2. реестр - a register - rekisteri

  3. заболеть - to fall ill - sairastua

Started a new customer project this week, from embedded C to React and TypeScript. I may limit my earnings potential by hopping around but I enjoy my full stack as full as possible 🙃

Somehow, I am unreasonably excited about Kraken 🏒🥅 expansion draft. Maybe VGK early success is making expectations unreasonable, but they have tools to start up decently

New musical find today: Nils Frahm. Probably played him before on Spotify but now I paid attention to his song “Says” (coding + ambient work very well together)

3x365 Russian Words, Day 200, Pulcinella's secret

I was made aware of a Russian idiom “Pulcinella’s secret” or rather “секрет полишинеля”, a supposedly secret thing that every one knows about (see Open secret - Wikipedia). This came up as another rather high-profile #metoo case surfaced in Finland in the Finnish punk rock scene. Reaction from the scene was: “🤷‍♂️, I guess we kind of knew about it” 🤯.

“секрет полишинеля - это секрет, который все знают. или ещё так: это секрет, который всем известен”

“Pulcinella’s secret is a secret everyone knows. Or, in other words: this secret is known by all.”

“Kaikki tietävät Pulcinellan salaisuuden. Tai toisin sanoin: kaikki tietävät salaisuuden”


  1. секрет - a secret - salaisuus

  2. знают - third person of “to know” - tietää

  3. известен - singular, masculine adjective “known” - tunnettu

3x365 Russian Words, Day 199, Weather(s)

We were talking yesterday about weather again. It has been four straight weeks of “helle” in Finland (streak ended up at 31 days) which was a new record again(😰) and practically no rain in Helsinki during that period 🌵.

Apparently, Finnish word for weather “sää” (also “ilma”) acts a bit differently than Russian погода or English weather. One can say: “näitä säitä” which would be “these weathers” in English i.e. one can count instances of Finnish weather.

“Suomessa päättyi tänään pitkä hellejakso. Seuraavan viikon ajan on selvästi viileämpää. Näitä säitä on mukava muistella talvella”

“Сегодня в Финляндии закончилась продолжительная жара. На следующей неделе будет явно прохладнее Эту погоду будет приятно вспоминать зимой”

“A prolonged heatwave ended in Finland today. It will be cooler next week. We will dearly miss this weather in the winter”

Words to remember by:

  1. закончиться - to finish, to end - päättyä, loppua

  2. прохладный - cool - viileä

  3. зимой - instrumental of зима, winter - talvi

outside view of the window over a hill, trees and a lot of yellowing hay and grass

Artists that I really understood at a relatively old age (late 30’s and early 40’s): David Bowie (I only knew his pop star side), Prince (always liked him, never really dove into his catalogue), and Leonard Cohen. I wonder if I will discover something in my late 40’s I have previously ignored…

3x365 Russian Words, Days 197&198, PhD

Yesterday we discussed about degrees and my spouse said something along the lines of: “I only have one PhD” and it made me chuckle. Not all of us can be Bruce Banners with seven doctorates. 🙃

“у меня есть только российская степень и нет западной степени PhD. нет, снова писать диссертацию я не хочу”

“I only have a Russian degree and no western PhD. And no, I don’t want to write a thesis again”

“Minulla on vain venäläinen tutkinto eikä tohtorintutkintoa lännestä. Ja ei, en halua uutta tutkintoa”

(Yes, she was joking)

Words, plenty good ones:

  1. только - only - vain

  2. степень - degree - tutkinto

  3. западной - Western - länsi, läntinen

  4. снова - again, anew - uusi, uudestaan

  5. писать - to write - kirjoittaa

  6. диссертацию - dissertation - väitös

I’ve been doing CSS studying a lot lately and I am itching to try out some things but I promised myself Saturdays are free of work related thinking and doing. Tomorrow morning then, past Timo 😒

One of the great small pleasures of life: naps. Can I have another one?

3x365 Russian Words, Day 196, Another Hot Day

Let’s jump right in:

“очень жарко и хочется спать. но скоро начнется семинар и придёт доставка, поэтому не могу прилечь”

“Very hot and I want to sleep. But a seminar starts soon and the delivery arrives and that is why I can’t lay down”

“On kuuma ja haluaisin nukkua, mutta seminaari alkaa pian ja paketti saapuu, siksi en voi maata”


  1. скоро - soon - pian

  2. начнётся future form of начаться - to start - alkaa

  3. придёт - third person future of to come, to arrive - tulee

stream in a forest on a hot day

3x365 Russian Words, Day 195, IKEA

Highlights of this week have been IKEA trip in person (first in two years) and the Helsinki cup football tournament (our kids’ got to play at the Olympic Stadium 🥰)

Let’s start with IKEA (and most importantly, Allen key is in Russian Шестигранный шлиц )

“расскажи, что вы купили в икее”

“Tell me, what you bought from Ikea”

“Kerro minulle mitä ostitte Ikeasta”


  1. расскажи - (you) told - kerro

  2. купили - plural past perfective of “to buy” - ostitte

  3. шлиц - nick, slit, slot - kolo (Allen key is kuusiokoloavain in Finnish)

Enterance of IKEA Espoo

Good meetings

This text, Good Meetings | CSS-Tricks, by Sarah Drasner touches on many points I’ve been trying to figure out professionally, mainly because I tend to end up being the person who runs the meetings. I end up volunteering a lot mostly because I just can’t keep my mouth shut when there is the awkward silence.

I liked the most the bits about setting the agenda:

An agenda should ideally always state the purpose of the meeting. I personally love to then include some bullets as talking points, as well as space to take notes right in the document during the meeting.

But also how not to lock down the agenda too much:

but if you come to a meeting where an agenda is locked top to bottom with material, it can sometimes shut down the collaborative aspect of the meeting

I also like the concept of the Directly Responsibly Individual

…you must designate who owns the project and ultimately makes decisions when there’s one to be made.

And then there is something that just needs to be part of every meeting:

There’s a clear decision, outcome, and next steps at the end

This text is an excerpt from the book Engineering Management for the Rest of Us which I’ve put on my “to-read” list