3x365 Russian Words, Day 127, What time it is?

Today I practiced some time related matters using this video, “Который час?” - what time it is:

This text was also pretty helpful Time in Russian - Grammar, Examples and Audio

Words I picked up today:

  1. часто - frequently, often - usein

  2. час - time, o’clock - aika, kello

  3. время - time - aika

orange e-ink smartwatch on my wrist

I suppose it is spring when you see people playing golf and water-skiing on your Sunday walk

person water skiing using a zipline

This old blog post about visualizing garbage collector algorithms also bumped into my timeline: Visualizing Garbage Collection Algorithms Pretty cool and easy to understand explanation!

Excellent tweet thread about what makes a good alt text to an image or a GIF animation:

3x365 Russian Words, Day 126

Today I spent time collecting words that I see in texts and have not yet learned. Three of them here:

  1. только - only, but - vain

  2. точно - exactly, precisely - tasan, tarkkaan aivan

  3. вообще - generally, always - yleisesti, yleensä

3x365 Russian Words, Day 126&127, Good Night

Yesterday, I had a sentence ready to go and suddenly couple of badly slept nights came back to claim their debts. I fell asleep at around 8:30pm

“спокойной ночи. выключи, пожалуйста, свет”

“Good night, please turn the light off”

“Hyvää yötä, voisitko sammuttaa valon”


  1. спокойной спокойный - calm, serene - rauhallinen

  2. выключить - Wiktionary - turn off - sulje

  3. свет - light - valo (as in “да будет свет” - “let there be light”, but also any other light)

3x365 Russian Words, Day 125, Awful Weather

Today’s weather was absolutely awful. Freezing rain and +3 felt like I have made mistakes in my life.

“сегодня пасмурный и дождливый день - пришлось сидеть дома”

“It was a cloudy and rainy day today, had to stay home”

“Oli pilvistä ja sateista ja piti jäädä kotiin”

We have already plenty of weather words at our disposal but пасмурный and дождливый were new to me:

  1. пасмурный - cloudy - pilvinen

  2. дождливый - rainy - sateinen

  3. пришлось прийтись - to have to - täytyä, pitää

I don’t understand how I am still up and relatively awake. Woke up at 3am and thinking of catching up the Champions league semifinal. Or maybe first few minutes of it before falling asleep 😴

Ambient nature of the day - Saimaa Ringed seal live cam from somewhere in Finland Norppalive – WWF:n Luontolive – WWF Suomi

Running a one person business is awesome like 96% of the time. And then there are times you wake up at 3am realising that you made a mistake in tax filing and end up going through the papers in the middle of the night. I assume I will be needing a nap today 😴

3x365 Russian Words, Day 124, Chips

Apparently someone ate a bag of potato chips (crisps for you on the British Isles) and just left an empty bag on a kitchen table:

“кто съел все чипсы и не выбросил пустой пакет?”

“Who ate all the chips and didn’t throw away the empty bag?”

“Kuka söi kaikki sipsit eikä heittänyt tyhjää pussia pois?”

I suppose “чипсы” and “пакет” are self-evident, but we still have nice new words here:

  1. съел - past tense of съесть to eat - syödä

  2. выбросил - past tense singular of выбросить to throw away - heittää pois

  3. пустой - empty - tyhjä

bag of potato chips

3x365 Russian Words, Day 123, Review Day

Sometimes it is hard to see or hear your own progress and it helps to check that, yes, there have been at least some progress. Today I read through Top 100 Russian Words list and realized that apart from some Prepositions I actually know most of them. I can make may be 30 seconds of small talk already with my spouse in Russian, which is not nothing.

I picked up following rhyming two letter words for further review today from that list:

  1. по - along, according to - pitkin, mukaan

  2. до - to, up to, until - saakka

  3. Но - but - mutta. This one is used when two sentences contradict each other, if the are only contrasted with “but” then “А” is used.

3x365 Russian Words, Day 122, Prepositions (More)

Today I practiced prepositions and here are three I have not learned before:

  1. без - without - ilman

  2. под - under - alla

  3. после - after - jälkeen

These and all others from this nice list of Russian Prepositions at masterrussian.com

3x365 Russian Words, Day 121, Don't Call Me

Continuing with verb practices going with a simple sentence :

“не звони, я не могу говорить, отправь сообщение”

“Don’t call me, can’t talk. Send me a message.”

“Älä soita, en voi puhua. Lähetä viesti”


  1. звонить - to call, to ring - soittaa

  2. отправить - to send, to dispatch - lähettää

  3. сообщение - a message - viesti

old time rotary phone

Hey people, what is your mb work flow on iPad? I’d like to be able to hop in and out of browser to writing and back to reading easily

3x365 Russian Words, Day 120, Are You OK,app (part II)?

My language app, while mostly useful, sometimes gives me sentences that make me question what is going on at the App company. For instance today:

“При ней было какое-то оружие”

”Did she have any weapons on her?”

”Oliko hänellä aseita”


  1. При - at, by - Finnish here using -llä suffix

  2. Какое-то - any - yhtään

  3. оружие - weapons - aseita

3x365 Russian Words, Day 119, Tell me about your day

Not much to tell about my day, but how about you?

“Расскажи как прошёл твой день”

“Tell me about your day”

“Kerro mulle sun päivästäsi”

We know сказать, to say already, but рассказать = to tell is one of our words today:

  1. Расскажи - tell (imperative) - kerro

  2. прошёл singular past of пройти - to pass, to go - mennä, sujua

  3. твой - your - sinun, or in every day speech “sun”

3x365 Russian Words, Day 118, Beard

I needed a refresh of my face today and shaved off a two month old beard.

“ты побрился и подстригся. точнее, не подстригся, а только побрился. сбрил бороду!”

“You shaved and cut hair. More exactly, you did not cut the hair, but just shaved. Shaved your beard!”

“Ajoit parran ja leikkasit hiukset. Tarkemmin, et leikannut hiuksia, ajoit vain parran. Ajoit parran!”

While it is a bit quirky sentence there are some very good words

  1. точнее - exactly - (here) tarkemmin, oikeastaan

  2. только - but, only - mutta

  3. бороду борода - a beard - parta

Somehow we went from “maybe car would be useful” to “I think Tesla 3 looks nice in red” in a just couple of weeks. I wonder if we will own/lease one by the end of the year

The most important iOS 14.5 feature to me was adding 5G support also when dual-SIM is activated. Pretty happy about the numbers

5G performance 477Mbit down and 113 up

3x365 Russian Words, Day 117, for More than a Year

Gyms and swimming pools are opening after COVID-restrictions in Finland on Thursday (w/ some local quirks depending on the local epidemic) and we immediately started dreaming about going swimming.

“я там уже больше года не была”

“I haven’t been there for more than a year”

“En ole ollut siellä yli vuoteen”


  1. больше - bigger, larger, more - (here) yli

  2. года - year - vuosi

  3. там - there - siellä

swimming pool and two kids swimming

I think micro.blog community is conspiring to show me as many cute dog pictures as possible. 🥰🥰 Are you all working for the big dog?

I wonder if Airtag treasure hunt (along the lines of geocaching) is something possible or even something people already do?

I wish there was something this simple and straightforward on iPhone to see battery state of a connected headphone.

mac os big sur bluetooth menu showing airpods battery level

My favourite quote this week has been @danielpunkass on Core Intuition talking about Mac development

“They wrote the writing on the wall”

Genuine laugh out loud on my evening walk