I’ve had a customer issued Macbook Pro 16” and I have to say that I don’t this latest design is as nice looking as the previous generation(s). I like the looks of my personal MBP 13” much more.

In Finnish these things are called “heippalappu”. This one of the best I’ve ever seen. While the notes are usually more passive aggressive than this particular specimen, the writer takes the cake with a convincing story that takes a tight left turn towards absurd at the end. The delicate cursive writing is 👨‍🍳💋

Note attached to a glass door. Note is written with a soft pencil in a delicate cursive. Note says: “If I see you neglecting to pick your dog’s poop. I am going to throw it at you! I have good aim! …It will probably get in your mouth!”

My favourite way to troll my Android carrying brother is to insistently claim Apple invented something that has been out there for years. Did you know that Apple invented classical music?

Apple Music Classical day 🎼. Opera might not be the best music for coding but enjoying Luciano Pavarotti’s voice right now

Naming is a hard problem

There is this saying that computer science has only two hard problems, naming and cache invalidation (also, off-by-one errors).

Off-by-one errors one can catch with automated tests.

Cache invalidation is a hard problem. Any system with delays is both hard to reason about and hard to test.

But how about naming, how do you get better at it? Do you practice naming your entities? Are there systematic approaches to do it in more repeatable fashion?

Plenty of fresh snow on March 26th and might get more Monday and Tuesday. I was ready to start the spring, but alas no such luck 😰

Many ways chess.com is what we imagined information superhighway to be back in the 80’s. Imagine playing chess against anyone on this planet(!).

Another thing that we could have imagined is radio.garden

Was this notification sent by the harmful asteroid themselves?

notification on a watch screen stating: "Breaking News: Harmless Asteroid Passing Earth Today"

I am not much of a True Crime person as I am pretty sensitive to descriptions of violence, but I occasionally listen to “Criminal” when the topic is something besides violent crime. I liked the latest Crazy Eddie | Criminal a lot. It tells a story of fraudulent electronics reseller in the late 70’s. I wish I could have more stories like this in general. Give me fraudsters, not serial-killers

Interesting history of Has Anyone Ever Actually Tied a Damsel in Distress to a Railway Track? turns out it was a theatre trope before it became a silent movie trope.

Found it through the latest episode of Script Notes podcast

Currently reading: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell 📚

Finished reading: Pompeii by Robert Harris 📚. I am a sucker for stories where engineer is the main character and engineering is the real hero. The book starts two days before the eruption when the aqueduct near Vesuvius stops working for unknown reason. The new engineer just fresh from Rome needs to solve the engineering problem and figure out what happened to his predecessor and if he can complete his project despite corrupt local officials.

This is a fun book and the story flows effortlessly forward. Not sure if it is a great book it was one that I loved very much

New toy arrived. Was thinking of getting Kobo, but maybe the next time…

amazon kindle oasis and a cover for it

There is something extremely funny/sad about a new story about an online scam that has a clickbait headline

”Here is a piece of advice for you, my friend: there’s no safer investment than property in Pompeii”. From book ”Pompeii” by Robert Harris

a picture of a kindle reader. Book "Pompeii" open on a page containing a highlight "Here's a piece of advice for you, my friend: 'there's no safer investment than property in Pompeii'

Today I learned that showing the middle finger gesture was used by Ancient Greeks and also Romans. Also, learned the term ”bras d’honneur”

TIL about Hydraulic telegraph - Wikipedia Pretty cool for 400AD

My kryptonite is stories about loneliness, reading a story about lonely Finnish high schoolers and I stopped after second paragraph for it being too 😿

Also, what is there to do in Manchester (🇬🇧)? I will be there for a weekend in April

Lately, I have been wondering if it would be possible to effectively compete with bloated web properties with simple web pages that just had simple text based ads we had back in the day. Assuming of course you could start with substantially lower cost base

I’ve thought about writing about dating in your late fourties but not sure about what kind of aspects of it are too personal to share. But I am going to write ”Dating Timo FAQ” at some point

What is the worst application software you need to use daily, and why did you say ”Microsoft Teams”?

Amazing email pattern that should be much more common: ”Questions? Simply reply to this email.”

Not: ”Do not reply to this email”

I looked at my bookshelf and found Ursula K. Le Guin book that I’ve not read yet (Lathe of Heaven). Good work past Timo purchasing it, but bad job my memory not remembering I had it

Currently reading: Pompeii by Robert Harris 📚