List of leeches as of September 2019

This is my “leeches” list of Chinese characters I have hard time getting into my head even with hard-core SRS regime. A leech is defined in Hacking Chinese blog post about leeches as

A leech is something that drains time from your studying and will keep doing so until you do something about it. The most essential example would be a piece of vocabulary, let’s say a character, that just refuses to stick in your mind.

My partly obsolete list (I’ve squashed some of them already and there a couple of new ones):

  • 楼 - lǒu - hug
  • 稠 - chóu - dense
  • 劫 - jié - rob
  • 澈 - chè - clear
  • 焦 - jiāo - burnt, scorched example: 焦点 - focus point, 焦虑 - anxious
  • 捏 - niē - to pinch, knead
  • 盗 - dào - steal
  • 羡 - xiàn - envy
  • 蕴 - yùn - store
  • 悦 - yuè - pleased
  • 鄙 - bǐ - low, vulgar

chinese characters on a white board