Book 📚 update

Haven’t had a book update for a while, and have read four books since the last one.

First, I read “The Player of Games” by Iain M. Banks. While I found “Consider Phlebas” perhaps a bit too difficult for my taste, I think this one pushed all the right buttons for me. Exciting both in terms of action and thought. For whatever reason I find thinking about post-scarcity civilization enticing right now. Also find pondering about ethics of intervention present both in this and “Use of Weapons”.

Second book was the third book in the Culture series. “Use of Weapons”. This book had very exciting bits of action and my favourite character “Diziet Sma”

Also, I completed “Barrayar” by Lois McMaster Bujold. While bits of it felt a bit dated or too on the nose all and all very enjoyable book - after a slow start action was perfect.

Finally, I just completed “The State of the Art” also by Iain M. Banks. Book contains a couple of interesting short stories and a top-notch novellette by the same name. It had Diziet Sma and an interesting treatise on the topic of intervention. Anyways, unlike other Banks books I am not probably going to read this again anytime soon