WDIBI IV: Be Conservative - Except Sometimes

Today, in “What do I believe in as a developer” I will shortly lay ground for next few days with two conflicting forces or principles that pull apart developers.

Firstly, never fix something that isn’t broken. Usually going with something you know and trust is much better than trying to outpace everyone else with the technology du jour.

Except, sometimes you need to be early for several reasons. Some tech is just so much better than what came before that the world will quickly follow. For instance, hosting your own web server on premises definitely never was broken, it is very much a known known but one literally can make orders of magnitude saving in time and money using modern tech.

Following few days I will go through technologies, methods, and techniques that I think are affected by these two conflicting forces and will try to explain why I make selections the way I do.

This is part IV of my series of What do you Believe in as a SW Developer? // Timo Koola