WDIBI V: Avoid Adding Code

In principle, I believe that as a programmer I should write as few lines of code as possible. Line of code not written is a bug you never have to fix. It also is something you will never have to refactor, document or write a test for.

As a person who loves to code it is sometimes very hard to let go of the idea that all problems can be solved by software or using some gadget. For instance, I have tried to figure out how can I make context aware reminders. Many smart solutions later I figured out I have two contexts I want reminders in: home just before I go out and at the office when I am packing up my stuff. Where tech solutions failed analog tech thrived

At home I have a whiteboard where I write upcoming events and tasks bullet journal style. At the office I put post-it notes on my monitor. No syncing, no integrations, no connectivity issues.

This is part V of my series of What do you Believe in as a SW Developer? // Timo Koola

whiteboard with bullet journal style notes