Which M1 Mac?

I have hard time deciding which way to go with M1 macs. Air probably would be the long lasting one, it would probably not be replaced with anything before it breaks. Pro only has two ports and I might get better pro just by waiting for 6-12 months. Both of them are good sofa computers but I have nice desktop setup with existing mini. Some sort of hub would be needed to make it happen with either.

I have 2015 MBP 15” for consulting work and I will use it until magic smoke escapes. I just need the ports with my embedded customer project. Whenever I get a new project I will probably spec out a MBP and that will be my consulting mac. I hope Apple’s transition is in a phase I don’t need to worry about any compromises at that point.

Mini probably would be a no-brainer for home even with just 32 GB RAM, though maybe in two years I can serverize it when a replacement desktop system is available. Perhaps, I should just go with desktop and let iOS handle sofa computing?