3x365 Russian words, day 10

Day 10 we spent a lot of time concentrating on pronunciation. I have trouble with Russian sounds “ж” and “з” that sound to my Finnish ear pretty much the same. My spouse have trouble with Finnish “u”

Here are two resources online that explain how those are pronounced:

Learn Russian Alphabet (Letters Ж, З, Х, Ц, Ч, Ш, Щ) Pronunciation | Russian Comprehensive - YouTube How to pronounce y in Finnish (it also shows how to pronounce “u”)

But the actual words for today were from sentence:

“спасибо за суши!”

“Thank you for the sushi”

“Kiitos sushista”

  1. спасибо - thank you - kiitos
  2. за - preposition that means “for” see further details за - Wiktionary - we’ll get to Finnish morphology at some point 🙃
  3. суши - sushi - sushi