3x365 Russian Words, Day 14 - Small-talk!

Today, tomorrow we will do some small-talk bits in Russian and Finnish.

“Как дела? - Хорошо.”

“How are you? - Good”

“Miten menee? - Hyvin”

  1. дела дело - affair, matter concern
  2. Как - Question word for how, what
  3. Хорошо - Good, well

and the Finnish bits:

  1. Miten - how
  2. menee - a form of “mennä” that means “to go”.
  3. Hyvin - well

Problem with Finns and small-talk is that if you ask how things are going, you might get an honest reply. You might end up some place dark, if the Finn chooses to really tell you how things are going 🙃