3x365 Russian Words, Day 33

Today we spent so much figuring out the sentence for the day, we ended up saying:

“давай придумаем предложение!”

“Let us think of the sentence!”

“Miettikäämme lausetta!”

Yes, it is hilariously pompous at least in Finnish, but at least there is the universally useful “давай” in there. I think, if you sat “давай” correctly and often, you are already half-way there with your every day Russian.


  1. давай - generic punctuation word which means “let’s” or “come on” - in Finnish rough equivalent would be something like “no niin” (see this slightly NSFW bit by comedian Ismo Leikola for more on “no niin”

  2. придумаемпридумать - to invent, to think - ajatella, keksiä

  3. предложение - apart from other meanings, it also means a sentence, a clause - lause