3x365 Russian Words, Day 34

Today we are going to learn names of colours:

  1. sininen - синий - Wiktionary - blue (dark)
  2. punainen - красный - Wiktionary - red
  3. valkoinen - белый - Wiktionary - white
  4. musta - черный /чёрный - Wiktionary - black
  5. keltainen - желтый / жёлтый - Wiktionary - yellow
  6. vihreä - зеленый / зелёный - Wiktionary - green
  7. vaaleasininen - голубой - Wiktionary - light blue
  8. ruskea - коричневый - Wiktionary - brown

Rather straightforward list gives me opportunity to link to two of my favourite topics: grammar nazis (well, in this case grammar communist dictators) and language and thinking affecting each other.

Notice how there are two alternative spellings for some of these words. Basically there is a letter “jo” “Ё” that no-one bothers to write, even if Stalin himself tried to force everyone to use it (but Why ‘Ё’ is the weirdest letter in the Russian alphabet - Russia Beyond).

On topic of language affecting cognitive functions (or vice versa), there is some evidence Russians see blue and light blue bit differently. Perhaps because of the голубой vs. синий distinction? Our Language Affects What We See - Scientific American

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

colour wheel