3x365 Russian Words, Day 39

Today we conjugated verbs, I conjugated haukotella which is Finnish for “to yawn”.

In exchange, I got back “смотреть” which we known from yesterday, Day 38 to mean “to watch”. This verb is of first verb regular declination that:

To form the verb for each person you need to drop the last two letters of the infinative (normally “ть”), and add the appropriate ending (“ю”, “ешь”, “ет”, “ем”, “ете” or “ют”). For example the verb: работать (to work).

(quote from Russian Present Tense - Russian Verbs )

The conjugation for that is:


  1. я смотрю
  2. ты смотришь
  3. он/она/оно смотрит


  1. мы смотрим
  2. вы смотрите
  3. они смотрят