3x365 Russian Words, Day 43

Day 43 we ask, if you are afraid. Slavic cultures have Baba Yaga who is a supernatural being who appears as an old woman. The character appeared also in “Once Upon a Time”

We Finns don’t have that character, so I picked something else to be afraid of. “Mustekala” is Finnish for octopus and is used in kids’ game as a chant.

“ты боишься бабы яги?” is “Who is afraid of the Baba Yaga”


“Kuka pelkää mustekalaa?” is “Who is afraid of the octopus?”


  1. боишьсябояться - Wiktionary - to fear, be afraid - pelätä

  2. Баба-Яга - Wiktionary - Baba Yaga - Baba Yaga

  3. Mustekala - Octopus - осьминог

old painiting depicting Baba Yaga