3x365 Russian Words, Day 46

Today, we will have some mild cursing (with links for those that want to go beyond mild curses)

“Блин, ну давай уже!”

mild curse word, come on!”

“Hitto sentään”

Blin, which actually is Russian for “pancake” is a mild curse word that can be used instead of the other curse word that starts with “б“ (I’ve been told by my Russian tutor/spouse that I am not supposed to use that ever anywhere, but that blin is ok)

There is a nice youtube video about blin:

Words: 1. Блин - pancake - lettu (as in pancake), hitto (if you want to curse like someone who don’t like cursing)

  1. ну - well - no

  2. уже - already, no longer - ei enää

And these two links are not to be followed, some material on cursing in Russian and in Finnish:

Finnish profanity - Wikipedia

Mat (Russian profanity) - Wikipedia