3x365 Russian Words, Day 65

Lazy, lazy day today.

“буду весь день лежать на диване, смотреть телевизор и плевать в потолок”

“I will lay on the couch today, watch TV and spit at ceiling(!)”

“Makaan sohvalla koko päivän, katson televisiota ja syljeskelen kattoon”

I like how Russian and Finnish (and if I am not mistaken Swedish) have the saying “spit at ceiling” for doing nothing. In Finnish it is mostly negative (you say it of other people only) but Russian saying seems to be more neutral. This paywalled article explains it and other nuances of spitting I Spit On You - Russian Life (also in the free part).

Words today:

  1. лежать - to lie (as in on a sofa) - maata

  2. плевать - to spit, to not care - sylkeä

  3. потолок - ceiling - katto (which is a word for both the roof and the ceiling in Finnish)