3x365 Russian Words, Day 66, день рождения

Today is my birthday and I will it use as an excuse to share one of my favourite Russian songs ever - Crocodile Genas Birthday Song (here with Russian and English text)

Let’s pick up a line from the song

“к сожалению день рождения только раз в году”

“Unfortunately birthday is only once a year”

There is an excellent Finnish version by M.A.Numminen

where this line is a bit differenet

“Voisin viettää juhlapäivää jälleen huomenna”

“I could have another festive day once again tomorrow”

There are plenty of nice words to pick-up from the song:

  1. к сожалению - unfortunately (dative form) - valitettavasti

  2. только - only - vain

  3. году - a year - vuosi