3x365 Russian Words, Day 70

Cleaning day. Or at least we should have had. We had the word for trash - мусор already. It will make an appearance today

“Кто будет мыть пол(ы)? Чей это мусор?”

“Who could clean/swipe the floors? Whose trashes (are these)?”

“Kuka voisi siivota lattiat? Kenen roskat täällä on?”


  1. мыть - to swipe / to clean - lakaista/mopata/siivota

  2. пол(ы) - floor(s) - lattia(t)

  3. Чей - whose - kenen

One of my favourite things is accidental homonyms across languages. There is at least a couple between Swedish and Russian “tack” - так“ (thank you and so, thus) and “tjej” - “Чей” (a girl, whose).

chair, vacuum cleaner, a bunk bed seen through an open door