3x365 Russian Words, Day 75

We had books on the floor today.

“почему книга лежит на полу? подними книгу с пола!”

“Why is there a book on the floor? Pick the book up!”

“Miksi kirja on lattialla? Nosta kirja lattialta!”

Many of these words like “почему”, “пол”, and “книга” we’ve seen before but there are three new ones:

  1. лежать - to lie, to rest - (“maata” would be the translation to Finnish, but here it must be “olla”)

  2. на - preposition with dizzying array of connected meanings, I mean look at this на, mostly “on, onto”, followed by accusative or prepositional form - no direct Finnish equivalent

  3. поднять - to raise, to lift - nostaa

books on the floor, books on a desk, multitude of books