3x365 Russian Words, Day 81

Today I spent considerable time trying to understand the difference between все and всё and didn’t get very far. I got help both from my spouse and this video and still feel like something is missing. I definitely don’t “Я уже всё знаю”

But there is a nice sentence here:

“Спасибо вам за всё”

“Thank you for everything”

“Kiitos kaikesta”

Words to add:

  1. вам is dative of вы - you - sinulle (if that Finnish sentence had it, this would be the form)

  2. за - preposition meaning among other things “for” - no direct equivalent there

  3. всё - all, the whole, everything - kaikki

And most importantly, “всё” is the equivalent of “that’s all folks” in Russian animations

Text всё  on a blue blackground