3x365 Russian Words, Day 82

Topical sentence today. My spouse is a big fan of figure skating and tomorrow the world championships start in Stockholm. I think this will be the only major international competition this year. Most high profile events so far have only had local competitors even if nominally of the Grand Prix series. Hoping for Covid free experience for everyone.

“Завтра начинается чемпионат мира по фигурному катанию”

“The world championships of figure skating start tomorrow”

“Taitoluistelun maailmanmestaruuskisat alkavat huomenna”


  1. начинаться - to start, to begin - alkaa

  2. мира мир - Wiktionary - world (and also peace) - maailma

  3. катание - skating, skiing, horseriding - luistelu

skater in overcast weather in a shot where he appears several times due to a funny bug in panoramic algorithm