3x365 Russian Words, Day 83

I dropped off books at the local library and caught this sign there:

“рекомендации по использованию масок”

“Recommendation to use a mask”

“Suosittelemme maskin käyttöä”

This will be obsolete in a couple of days when it becomes mandatory to wear mask indoors when people outside your immediate family are present. We are still heading for a stricter restrictions, hopefully the effect of vaccinations on population level start kicking in soon… 😰

Words are:

  1. рекомендации (plural, singular - рекомендация) - a recommendation - suositus

  2. использованию (использование) - use, usage - käyttö

  3. масок (plural, singular - маска) - a mask - maski

Russian language sign telling about mask recommendation in a library