3x365 Russian Words, Day 87

It is Easter in Finland in a week and May 2nd in Russia (and other areas following Julian/Orthodox calendar for holidays). We were planning Easter supper.

“пасха на следующей неделе. мы будем печь кулич”

“Easter is next week. We will bake kulich (cake).”

“Pääsiäinen tulee ensi viikolla. Leivomme kulitsaa”


  1. пасха - Easter - pääsiäinen

  2. следующей - next - ensi

  3. неделе - dative of “week” - viikko

“пасха” is an interesting word as it means both the holiday and it is a name of a curd based dessert. This word “pasha”/”pascha” is borrowed to many languages as a name of the dessert

kulic Easter cake