3x365 Russian Words, Day 99, 🥶

While it was the first day this year I could spot no snow from my kitchen window the weather was awful: super windy, cold and rainy. We have had a bunch of weather words but here are some more:

“погода плохая, и я замёрз. но теперь я уже дома, и здесь тепло”

“Terrible weather, and I am freezing. But I am home now and it is warm here”

“Kauhea sää, ja minä olen jäässä. Mutta nyt olen jo kotona ja minun on lämmin”

I like how Russian can flow forward without explicit filler verbs. Very efficient 🙃


  1. плохо - bad - paha, huono, kauhea

  2. замёрз замёрзнуть - I froze - minä jäädyin

  3. тепло - heat, warmth - lämpö, lämmin

formerly snowy hill now waiting for spring get properly started. Trees, grass, rock, and a trench going up the hill