3x365 Russian Words, Day 100, Are You Ok, Language Learning App?

Day 100 of 2021 already! Today’s sentence comes from Clozemaster app. This sentence certainly had “Help, I am kept as a hostage in a fortune cookie factory” vibes. While Duolingo often gives you very silly sentences, this app goes to the deep end very often (another example sentence I have encountered: “Did you really think you can kill me?” 🤷‍♂️). And still, even if not all sentences are perhaps 100% realistic, these apps still get repetitions that are hard to get even with access to a native teacher.

“После смерти нет ничего.”

“After death there is nothing” (are you ok, language learning app?)

“Kuoleman jälkeen ei ole mitään”


  1. После - after - jälkeen

  2. смерть - death - kuolema

  3. жизнь - life - elämä

“После смерти нет ничего.” in Clozemaster app&10;