3x365 Russian Words, Day 106, Close the Doors

Ok, today’s sentences have three days worth of words

“кто забыл закрыть дверцу шкафа/холодильника/дверь туалета? не забывайте ее за собой закрывать!”

“Who forgot to close the door of the cupboard/fridge/toilet? Don’t forget to close it after yourself”

“Kuka unohti sulkea kaapin/jääkaapin/vessan oven? Älä unohda sulkea sitä jälkeesi”

I feel like that I utter some variation of the first sentence every fifteen minutes 🙈 to my kids.

Words for today are:

  1. шкафа шкаф - a cupboard - kaappi

  2. холодильника - such a cool word for fridge unlike Finnish - jääkaappi (literally ice + box)

  3. туалета - toilet - WC, vessa