3x365 Russian Words, Day 108, Pull it Together

This one was interesting sentence I first encountered through Clozemaster app and asked my wife about it and then went googling. Sentence is “Возьми себя в руки” literally “take / yourself / into / hand” but figuratively “pull it together” or “get a grip”. Words here are practical:

  1. Возьми взять - take (imperative form) - ota

  2. себя - reflexive oneself, yourself, myself etc. - itse

  3. руки рука - hand - käsi

This sentence appears on a Russian song about Sadako Sasaki who died of leukemia caused by the Hiroshima bombing. Song lyrics are about paper planes flying over a rice field. Story of the song is described here (Google Translate works faboulously well here): Сплин - Дочь самурая - текст, клип, история, факты, слушать and music itself here:

Story of Sadako Sasaki has also indirectly lead to another very famous (Soviet) song Zhuravli