3x365 Russian Words, Day 110, I Need to Study Every Day

Language learning is mostly just deliberate practice spaced over a long enough time. I’ve studied Chinese almost five years now and I am closing into bearable reading skills. Today we discussed about motivation to learn Finnish. My spouse claimed she lacks perseverance to learn Finnish and we came up with this sentence today:

“тебе нужно заниматься финским языком каждый день”

“You need to study Finnish every day”

“Sinun täytyy opiskella suomea joka päivä”

We’ve seen нужно on day 5 but there are plenty of good words here:

  1. заниматься - to study - opiskella

  2. языком - language, tongue - kieli

  3. каждый - every, each - joka, jokainen