3x365 Russian Words, Day 112, Get Off the Hamster Wheel

Today I read interesting article about crushing Chinese work culture and impending counter-reaction to that. Story is at What’s on Weibo blog The Concept of ‘Involution’ (Nèijuǎn) on Chinese Social Media | What’s on Weibo. This inspires our sentence today: “get off the hamster wheel”

“Перестань крутиться как белка в колесе”

“Sinun täytyy hypätä pois oravanpyörästä”


  1. Перестань - imperative “stop” - pysähdy would be the Finnish equivalent

  2. крутиться - to turn, to spin, to gyrate - pyöriä is the verb

  3. белка - a squirrel - orava

Both Finnish and Russian make a squirrel run in a wheel while in English it is all about hamsters

busy people at Shanghai Pudong Airport