3x365 Russian Words, Day 114, Perfective/Imperfective Verbs

Today I started exploring grammar related to Russian verbs and maybe was able to explain myself distinction between perfective and imperfective aspects of verbs. I set up a Russian Verbs Learning Board on Miro for my studies in order to build up better understanding. It is very much work in progress as is my verb studies.

Anyways, perfective aspect:

A feature of the verb which denotes viewing the event the verb describes as a completed whole, rather than from within the event as it unfolds.

Importantly perfective/imperfective are not tenses, all this can describe events in past, present or future.

For words, let’s learn some grammar terms:

  1. несовершенный - imperfective (grammar term) - imperfektiivinen (aspekti)

  2. совершенный - perfective - perfektiivinen

  3. вид - aspect - aspekti