3x365 Russian Words, Day 118, Beard

I needed a refresh of my face today and shaved off a two month old beard.

“ты побрился и подстригся. точнее, не подстригся, а только побрился. сбрил бороду!”

“You shaved and cut hair. More exactly, you did not cut the hair, but just shaved. Shaved your beard!”

“Ajoit parran ja leikkasit hiukset. Tarkemmin, et leikannut hiuksia, ajoit vain parran. Ajoit parran!”

While it is a bit quirky sentence there are some very good words

  1. точнее - exactly - (here) tarkemmin, oikeastaan

  2. только - but, only - mutta

  3. бороду борода - a beard - parta