3x365 Russian Words, Day 124, Chips

Apparently someone ate a bag of potato chips (crisps for you on the British Isles) and just left an empty bag on a kitchen table:

“кто съел все чипсы и не выбросил пустой пакет?”

“Who ate all the chips and didn’t throw away the empty bag?”

“Kuka söi kaikki sipsit eikä heittänyt tyhjää pussia pois?”

I suppose “чипсы” and “пакет” are self-evident, but we still have nice new words here:

  1. съел - past tense of съесть to eat - syödä

  2. выбросил - past tense singular of выбросить to throw away - heittää pois

  3. пустой - empty - tyhjä

bag of potato chips