3x365 Russian Words, Day 145, More Weather

Today I was looking at weather in Novosibirsk i.e. “погода в новосибирске сегодня“ Прогноз погоды в Новосибирске на 10 дней with envy. Tomorrow there will be:

“ясно или облачно с прояснениями”

“Clear or cloudy with clearings”

“Pilvetöntä tai reikiä pilvipeitteessä”

We have many weather words already and some more from here:

  1. ясно - clear - kirkas, pilvetön (no clouds)

  2. облачно - cloudy - pilvinen

  3. прояснение - Wiktionary - clearing up - selkeä, seljetä

clouds, dirt road, trees and a field