3x365 Russian Words, Day 146, Salmiakki

My spouse is not a big fan of salty liquorice a.k.a salmiakki in Finnish. And to her disappointment a bag of candy that was supposed to be a mix of wine gums and liquorice ended up being mostly liquorice. 🙃

“как можно есть эти салмияки? не понимаю!”

“how can one eat these salmiakki? I don’t understand!”

“Kuinka kukaan voi syödä salmiakkia? En ymmärrä!”

Words besides excellently important “салмияки”:

  1. можно - one can, one may - voida

  2. есть - to eat - syödä

  3. понимать - to understand - ymmärtää

bag of candy that is just liquorice