3x365 Russian Words, Day 146, Moral Support 💉

Tomorrow there will be a vaccination number 1 for my spouse and I am six days away from my second shot. I started with Astra Zeneca but will get a Pfizer for the second one.

My spouse wanted me to accompany her to the vaccination place:

“ты поедешь завтра со мной на прививку? мне нужна моральная поддержка”

“Could you come with me to vaccination place? I need moral support”

“Voisitko tulla mukaani rokotuspaikalle? Tarvitsen moraalista tukea”

Words, here we have plenty:

  1. поедешь is second person future of поехать - to go, to drive - mennä

  2. прививка - vaccination - rokote

  3. поддержка - support - tuki