3x365 Russian Words, Day 155, Rhododendrons

There is a popular spot in Helsinki full of rhododendrons in all possible varieties (of that can handle Finnish winters) nearby and both yesterday and this morning we were biking through it. It is just about to hit bloom. It is already gorgeous and when it hits peak bloom, it will be really something to behold.

“парк с рододендронами был прекрасен, мы туда ещё вернёмся”

“Rhododendron park is wonderful, we will return”

“Alppiruusupuisto on mahtava, palaamme sinne vielä”


  1. прекрасен, прекрасный - wonderful - ihana, mahtava

  2. туда - there - siellä

  3. вернёмся вернуться - to return - palata

rhododendron bushclose up of a rhododendron flower