3x365 Russian Words, Day 159, 7 Hares

Hill outside our window is now so green and it has attracted both hares and rabbits. Apparently there is plenty to eat and plenty of hiding places when overly enthusiastic dog walks by with its owner.

“вчера и сегодня мы видели на нашем холме по 7 зайцев”

“We saw 7 hares on a hill both today and yesterday”

“Näimme seitsemän jänistä mäen päällä sekä eilen että tänään”


  1. видели - saw - näimme (past tense plural)

  2. холме холм - hill - mäki, kukkula

  3. по - по is preposition, it means that we saw 7 hares each day - по 7 зайцев (7 сегодня и 7 вчера) - no direct Finnish equivalent here

rocks, tall grass and two hares hiding