3x365 Russian Words, Day 176, Football

UEFA Euro 2020 was a first major tournament for Finnish men. Results were ok for first timers. We, for instance, did better than Russia that got pummelled by their own fans for crashing out as the last team in the group. There was this meme(-ish) floating around in the Russian internet that goes somehow like this:

“Это были не наши футболисты. Форму, бутсы и мяч можно купить в любом спортивном магазине”

“Those were not our footballers, you can by kits, boots, and balls from any given store”

“Ei ne ollut meidän joukkueemme. Tarvikkeita voi ostaa mistä vain urheiluliikkeestä.

This is a riff on Russia’s explanation in 2014 on how professionally equipped troops with no insignia just happened to take over Crimea. “Not our troops, you can buy that stuff from any military store”


  1. наши - ours - meidän

  2. мяч - ball - pallo

  3. любом - any - mistä vain

lonely footballer on a tiny football pitch