3x365 Russian Words, Day 177, Heat maps

The City of Helsinki launched this week a service that:

The page will display the congestion status of key tourism-related areas, sights and services in Helsinki for the current minute in the form of a colour-coded map view. Thanks to the Heatmap service, tourists and local residents alike can make their visits more pleasant and avoid crowds in order to feel safer.

City of Helsinki Press Release about the Heat Map. The service itself can be found at Helsinki Heatmap - Hypercell

I might say something about Helsinki, Finns, and what constitutes a crowd here, but 🤷‍♂️.

How would you say all this in Russian?

“тепловая карта хельсинки позволяет узнать, где есть толпы”

“Helsinki heat map lets you know where the crowds are”

“Helsingin lämpökartta kertoo väkijoukkojen sijainnin”

And we have some excellent words here:

  1. тепловая, тепло - warm, heat - lämmin

  2. узнать - to find out, to learn

  3. позволяет, позволять - allow, permit - sallia, mahdollistaa

Friday morning rush in Helsinki (December 2020)