3x365 Russian Words, Days 180&181, More Swimming and Fairy Tales

These are the words and sentences from the last two days. First off on Tuesday, my spouse had trouble enticing anyone to join her swimming and asked:

“почему никто не хочет со мной идти купаться?”

“Why doesn’t anyone want to go swimming with me?”

“Miksi kukaan ei halua kanssani uimaan?”

Words that are mostly familiar to us already:

  1. никто - nobody, no one - ei kukaan

  2. со - same as preposition c “with” when the next word starts so that “s” sound is awkward - kanssani

  3. мной - mine - minun

And yesterday we discussed about this Russian Fairy Tale. The fairy tale itself is fiendishly complex, but this saying from the story “пойди туда, не знаю куда. принеси то, не знаю что” is in modern Russian used as:

In modern Russian, the phrase Poydi tuda, ne znayu kuda, prinesi to, ne znayu chto (Russian: Пойди туда, не знаю куда, принеси то, не знаю что - Go I Know Not Whither and Fetch I Know Not What) refers (usually with irony) to a poorly defined or impossible task.

That sentence is in (more modern English):

“Go there, don’t know where to fetch I don’t know what”

In Finnish:

“Mene sinne, en tiedä minne, tuo sieltä, en tiedä mitä”

Words we mostly know already:

  1. туда - there - siellä, tuolla

  2. куда - where - missä

  3. принеси принести - to fetch - noutaa