Book update: Ancillary Mercy and Piranesi 📚

Two books read! This is how summer vacation is supposed to function

Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie

Probably the easiest flowing of the Imperial Radch books. Solid space opera with AIs and their identities and self-determination. I think book one, Ancillary Justice, was the best of the series but whole trilogy is definitely worth a read. While reading more about the universe I encountered this text about the gendered nouns of the series (or rather, lack there of) Strange Horizons - Ancillary Pronouns: (Trans)gendering the ‘Imperial Radch’ Trilogy By M. Watson.

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke

This book is really something. Basically read it as fast as I humanly could. It is a fantasy story about a world that is an interconnected buildings filled with statues and its habitant. Book that made me think about things like found footage movies or Inception (the movie). It is a quick read that sort of fizzles out (lightly) after the conclusion is evident but still it got into my list of books I will recommend to anyone and everyone.