Good meetings

This text, Good Meetings | CSS-Tricks, by Sarah Drasner touches on many points I’ve been trying to figure out professionally, mainly because I tend to end up being the person who runs the meetings. I end up volunteering a lot mostly because I just can’t keep my mouth shut when there is the awkward silence.

I liked the most the bits about setting the agenda:

An agenda should ideally always state the purpose of the meeting. I personally love to then include some bullets as talking points, as well as space to take notes right in the document during the meeting.

But also how not to lock down the agenda too much:

but if you come to a meeting where an agenda is locked top to bottom with material, it can sometimes shut down the collaborative aspect of the meeting

I also like the concept of the Directly Responsibly Individual

…you must designate who owns the project and ultimately makes decisions when there’s one to be made.

And then there is something that just needs to be part of every meeting:

There’s a clear decision, outcome, and next steps at the end

This text is an excerpt from the book Engineering Management for the Rest of Us which I’ve put on my “to-read” list