3x365 Russian Words, Day 193, Stiil Hot, Need to Swim

It is the day 193 of the year, there are only 172 days to go this year 😱. Is it me or is it unseasonably warm all the time now? The day was not particularly hot “only” +27℃/80F but it seems night time won’t get below +21. No wonder we were mostly planning to go swimming:

“когда ты закончишь работать? хочешь после этого искупаться?”

“When will you finish working? Do you want to swim after that?”

“Mihin aikaan lopetat työt? Haluatko uida sen jälkeen?”

Words (mostly old acquaintances):

  1. закончишь future 2nd person of закончить - to finish - lopettaa

  2. после - after - jälkeen

  3. искупаться - to swim - uida