3x365 Russian Words, Day 195, IKEA

Highlights of this week have been IKEA trip in person (first in two years) and the Helsinki cup football tournament (our kids’ got to play at the Olympic Stadium 🥰)

Let’s start with IKEA (and most importantly, Allen key is in Russian Шестигранный шлиц )

“расскажи, что вы купили в икее”

“Tell me, what you bought from Ikea”

“Kerro minulle mitä ostitte Ikeasta”


  1. расскажи - (you) told - kerro

  2. купили - plural past perfective of “to buy” - ostitte

  3. шлиц - nick, slit, slot - kolo (Allen key is kuusiokoloavain in Finnish)

Enterance of IKEA Espoo