3x365 Russian Words, Day 200, Pulcinella's secret

I was made aware of a Russian idiom “Pulcinella’s secret” or rather “секрет полишинеля”, a supposedly secret thing that every one knows about (see Open secret - Wikipedia). This came up as another rather high-profile #metoo case surfaced in Finland in the Finnish punk rock scene. Reaction from the scene was: “🤷‍♂️, I guess we kind of knew about it” 🤯.

“секрет полишинеля - это секрет, который все знают. или ещё так: это секрет, который всем известен”

“Pulcinella’s secret is a secret everyone knows. Or, in other words: this secret is known by all.”

“Kaikki tietävät Pulcinellan salaisuuden. Tai toisin sanoin: kaikki tietävät salaisuuden”


  1. секрет - a secret - salaisuus

  2. знают - third person of “to know” - tietää

  3. известен - singular, masculine adjective “known” - tunnettu