3x365 Russian Words, Day 208, Everything Ready

Yesterday, it was a busy day between work and gardening. I needed to get certain things done at the garden before the rain week that starts today and I did:

“сегодня сделал(а) всё, что планировал(а). завтра вставать в 5.30 утра”

“Today did everything that I planned. I will get up tomorrow at 5.30 am”

“Tänään sain kaiken sunnittelemani valmiiksi. Huomenna herään klo 5.30”

Let’s pick up the verbs here:

  1. сделал(a) - masculine or feminine (-a) past form of сделать to make, to do - tehdä

  2. планировал - masculine or feminine (-a) past form of “to plan” - suunnitella

  3. вставать - to get up - nousta (here: herätä)