Read 📚 Finna and Defekt

I recently finished Finna by Nino Cipri 📚 and the second book in the same universe Defekt by Nino Cipri 📚 and I loved both the novellas. They are dark humour capitalism critiques in fantasy about LitenVärld, very thinly veiled IKEA equivalent.

The basic idea is that due to its complicated floor plan LitenVärld is prone to generate wormholes to alternative universes. In the first book, two LitenVärld employees travel through a wormhole to save a lost customer (or provide the best possible alternative from an alternate universe). In the second book, we follow a loyal LitenVärld employee on a mission to remove Defekts, i.e. defective products from alternate universes that are causing trouble.

I give full five stars to both, rare fantasy books that made me laugh out loud.