I Don't Know my Ancestors and They Never Met me

Today I thought about how many generations back I need to go before I meet a first person in my family tree that:

  • Didn’t have a job (in the modern sense, i.e. living off the land or hunting/fishing)?
  • Didn’t know how to read or never read a book or a magazine?
  • Didn’t have any kind of official/government contact in their life (a priest, a police, a taxman)
  • Didn’t have any kind of timing device? Or any any kind of complicated device/appliance?
  • Didn’t live in a house?
  • Spoke a language that wouldn’t be mutually understandable with the language I speak?

Where did all those people live? Would I recognize them as my family? Would I have something in common with them? What are the things they took granted and I wouldn’t know