Sports streaming is hard for consumers

I like how sports streaming pricing works. Formula 1 jumped from the other major streaming service (C-More) to another (Viaplay) here in Finland and Viaplay got more expensive as a result but C-more didn’t get any cheaper 🙂. Sadly, the two of three or four major streaming sellers in Finland (Formula 1, IIHF Ice hockey) are such that I don’t value that much but they still get priced in.

Now the NFL, that I do care about, seems to be on neither this season and only option might end up being the game pass, which at itself is very reasonably priced for what it is, but still a hefty $250 a year. Last year it was on Viaplay and those 5-6 games a week was more than enough for me.

Not sure how to proceed, I am sticking with Viaplay because it has Premier League ⚽️. Sadly, Champions league ⚽️ is on cmore and I might get FOMO without it. But those alone sum up to €70/month in Finland and it is starting to hurt me at least mentally, if not financially. I am not quite sure if I want more or less bundling, but I want everything to be cheaper. 🙂

I’d be happy to take premier league game pass if one was available, but maybe I just want one service to get both Premier and Champions leagues. Please, gods of streaming?