Peanuts are not nuts

Things that I wish everyone knew: peanuts are not nuts. Not in the biological sense but most importantly with regards to allergies.

  1. People that have nut allergy don’t necessarily have a peanut allergy
  2. People that have peanut allergy don’t necessarily have nut allergy
  3. Nuts and peanuts are very good nutrionally, especially important, if you don’t include animal originated items in your diet
  4. Both peanut and nut allergies come with very adverse effects for some people. I carry around adrenaline pen for my kid, and I’ve seen a colleague get served almonds at a restaurant and that lead to an ER visit for them

So, with all this, take labeling these allergens seriously, and no, it is not funny that bag of peanuts have ”may contain nuts” warning.