Post Card from X

Testing out my post cards from X generator with hand written prompt: “Write a letter from Congo river in 1879. Writer is a prince and he is suffering from typhus. Describe the scenes of the river in detail and in romantic fashion”

My dearest love,

I write to you from the Congo River, where I am currently suffering from typhus. The scenes here are truly breathtaking; the river is so vast and majestic, and the jungle that surrounds it is teeming with life. I can barely make out the sun through the dense foliage overhead, but its rays are warm on my skin.

The sounds of the jungle are like music to my ears; the chatter of birds and monkeys, the rustle of leaves in the breeze, and the mighty roar of the river itself. I feel at peace here, despite my illness. Knowing that you are thinking of me makes me feel even better.

I long to be with you again, my love. Until we meet again, Albert

The images generated be DALL-E from prompt: “Photograph of Congo River late 1800’s. sun shines through the dense foliage overhead”

I am pretty sure I can make this project work…

dall-e generated black and white photo of the congo riverdall-e generated photo of jungle with sun shining through foliage