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I feel like my personal tech stack will steer towards CSS, HTML, and web components away from React. Brad Frost’s post sums up the latest on those tech

Web components! They’re currently at the vanguard of web development and are a reliable source of hot drama in the community. We’ve built a number of web component-powered design systems with Fortune 500 companies over the last 4 years, and it’s been a wild ride. We’ve seen a ton of success, we’ve bumped up against many rough edges, and we’re still here. We are increasingly relying on web components to help our clients establish and evolve their design system efforts. We’re enthusiastic about web components and think you should be too.

Let’s talk about web components | Brad Frost

Webc is something I want to try out

WebC is a new tool by Zach Leatherman (creator of Eleventy) for serializing custom elements at build time. It aggregates component-level CSS and JavaScript, allowing developers to keep their styles and scripts together with the markup as single file components, the way you may be used to if you work with JavaScript frameworks such as Svelte or Vue.

Introduction to WebC | 11ty Rocks!